Hasshoukan four seasons video


Hasshoukan four seasons
「everlasting forest Hasshoukan」

The colors, sounds and scents of our garden change day by day.
The video shows typical scenes of the four seasons.
You will enjoy this oasis of calm away from the bustle of the city.

八勝館 春景

Hasshoukan spring

The cherry blossom in front of Miyuki-no-ma is at its best at the end of March.
Purple azaleas, light green maple leaves: there is a flood of colors and scents in the spring garden.
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八勝館 夏景

Hasshoukan summer

Summer is full of green with beautiful moss and gentle breezes.
You feel cool watching the play of sunlight through the trees, hearing the babble of the stream and the splashing of water on stones.
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八勝館 秋景

Hasshoukan autumn

Most of the trees in our garden have beautiful fall colors.
No picture can do justice to the scene.
The end of November is the best time to enjoy the turning leaves.
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八勝館 冬景

Hasshoukan winter

It is very quiet in our garden.
Our country house seems larger.
There is a unique atmosphere on the few snowy days of the year.
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