Executive Kaiseki


◆  Executive Kaiseki  ◆

Hasshoukan was founded in 1925. When you step into the large Japanese garden, you feel as if you were in a totally different world. Hasshoukan has preserved its traditional appearance and culture through changing times for a century. When you see Hasshoukan’s  historical wooden buildings and spacious garden, you are taken back into the past. After walking around the garden, you can go to the tea room and experience our Ryurei style tea ceremony (a style of tea ceremony in which the participants use chairs). After the tea ceremony, you can enjoy the Kaiseki Cuisine (table and chair seating) in our Miyuki-no-ma, a room where the Showa Emperor and Empress stayed in 1950. During your Kaiseki, you can enjoy Ozatsuki (watching a Geisha performance) and Ozashiki-Asobi (playing games with Geisha).



【Photo caption ①】The Miyuki-no-ma is for Kaiseki. It was built in 1950 as a place for the Showa Emperor to stay in. You can enjoy Kaiseki with an exceptional view of the garden and pond. In the Miyuki-no-ma, you will enjoy the Geisha entertainment. 


【Photo caption ②】The Zangetsu-no-ma is for the tea ceremony. It was built in 1950 and like Miyuki-no-ma was designed by Dr. Horiguchi, a master of Sukiya architecture,in the Zangetsu-tei style of Omote-senke (famous Japanese tea master).

Event date  Business days
Time 【Lunch】12:00-15:30 (3 hours)

【Dinner】18:00-21:00 (3 hours)

Price 【Lunch】110,000 yen per person (including service charge and sales tax). You will be charged extra for drinks. A reservation must be for four or more guests (for six or more guests on Saturday, Sunday and Japanese national holidays).

【Dinner】165,000 yen per person (including service charge and sales tax). You will be charged extra for drinks. A reservation must be for four or more guests. 

≪The price includes≫

・Guided tour of the garden (From April to September).

・Tea ceremony (including matcha and sweets).

Kaiseki Cuisine.

Meigi-ren Geisha performance.

Reservations by phone:+81-(0)52-831-1585



・Welcome at 12:00(lunch) / 18:00(dinner)
At the main entrance, the Otoko-shu (door man) will meet you and guide you around the garden. (※) We recommend you to bring a camera.

・Tea ceremony, start at 12:15(lunch) / 18:15(dinner).
Enjoy matcha tea in the Zangetsu-no-ma in the Tables and Chairs Ceremony Style (please tell us if you prefer to sit on tatami mats.).

・Lunch / Dinner in Miyuki-no-ma start at 12:30(lunch) / 18:30(dinner)
After the tea ceremony, you can have Kaiseki in Miyuki-no-ma, watching Geisha’s traditional performance, and you can enjoy Japanese traditional Geisha games with Meigi-ren (Nagoya Geisha group)

・Seeing you off at 15:00(lunch) / 21:00(dinner)

※Please note that at dinner we can’t guide you around our garden from October to March, because it is dark at that time of day. You will start with the Tea ceremony.